Kitchen Towels

Offered are the Kitchen towels that are quite tougher than the average towels. The towels are capable of absorbing the water and moist of hands. Also, these are needed to prevent the spillage.

Beach Towels

Offered Beach towels are useful for drying off the body. These are used by the people of beaches so as to maintain the privacy while changing of clothes. They can be used in public areas.

Cabana Towels

The Cabana Towels are the highly stylish, antibacterial, lightweight, stain-resistant and uber-absorbent towels. These are fast-drying and eco-friendly solution, accessible in many colors. They can be easily dried in sunlight.

Promotional Towels

The Promotional Towels are made to fit into all the needs. These are used in customer restrooms, employee restrooms, hotels etc. Offered cozy towels are available in several colors and size.

Tea Towels

The Tea Towels are the clothes, which are mainly used for the speedy and effective drying of dishes. These can be used for wiping the pots and utensils of every type.

Cotton Towels

Cotton Towels are non-irritant to the skin. These are easygoing and skin-friendly. We offer the choice of colors and patterns so that client can reap the benefits of the versatility. 

Kids Towels

The Kids Towels are needed for the kids of several years. They are offered in several colors and prints. Offered are the wipe fabrics of durable nature. These are accessible with softness and poppy colors & prints.

Velvet Towels

We offer top-quality Velvet Towels, which are soft to the touch. These can wipe the water very well. They can be fearlessly used by the people of sensitive skin.

Bath Mats Towel

The Bath Towel Mats are specifically suited for preventing slips, caused by wet floors. These can be placed outside a bathtub for drying the body and legs. These are extra absorbent and allow for safe use.

Wash Basin Towel

The Wash Basin Towels are the absorbent fabrics, which can draw the moisture back. These are needed for making the body dry and soft. Offered towels are long-lasting and can be packed for your leaves.


The Bathrobes are the dressing gowns of highly absorbent nature. These are worn when the wearer's body is wet. In a way, these serve as the towel as well as high-quality body covering.

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